Kawaii is the first izakaya (居酒屋) in Florence, a typical Japanese place, also called sake bar, that sells drinks accompanied by traditional Japanese dishes. The innovative format of this place captured our attention, and thus we agreed to curate its launch phase.

After designing the "look" of its webpage, we decided to work on an editorial line able to create expectations, hype and curiosity, so that Kawaii could become known even before it's actual launch.

To accomplish this task, we (virtually) took our public on a cultural and gastronomic tour of Japan. Since sake is the element around which develops Kawaii’s ristobar concept, two months before its opening we started to narrate the story of this beverage through images and short introductions, in a gradual ascent culminated with the publication of some shoots of the dishes and cocktails offered by the restaurant.

As well, before the official opening we organised a private event for the press consisting in a master's class on sake, accompanied by a food degustation.

Finally, as conclusive promotional step we completed the campaign by adding some videos.

  • Cost per promotional campaign click < 0.07
  • Creation of a 7000 users page, with 80% of the public coming from the Florence district
  • The following newspapers talked about us: Lungarno, Corriere della Sera, Puntarella rossa, Yelp, Piazza Puliti, Scatti di gusto, Tapatalk
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