Trattoria l’Ortone
Ortone is a Florentine restaurant whose menu draws inspiration from traditional Tuscan cuisine, and offers a wide selection of starters, first courses and grilled specialities including, of course, the T-bone steak (bistecca alla fiorentina). All of it is enriched with a wine list containing some of the best Italian and foreign wine labels, selected with great care and attention.

After having renovated its Facebook page by adding useful information for customers and giving it a more captivating look, we have decided to design a new editorial line able to effectively get customers’ attention thanks to the use of videos and graphic expedients.

We have created the promotional teaser for the event “Aperitivo Jazz”, a night of live jazz music combined with a Tuscan aperitif. We have also produced a series of main course short-video recipes that show customers how the products are processed in the kitchen, from preparation to table service.

Moreover, we have also placed emphasis on the enlargement of the fanbase, restricting it only to the Florence area whilstcontinuing working on returning customers once they´ve become familiarised.
  • Cost per like coming from the Florence district: 0.10 cents
  • Page growth equal to 70%
  • Cost per video interaction 0.001
  • Tripadvisor rank improvement from 122 to 90
  • Sold out of Christmas and New Year's Eve events in 5 days after promo.
il Cartello
Garden Garden is where cultural innovation and ideas grow. A fresh communication agency that speaks the language of the digital economy. Garden is composed by a heterogeneous team of artists, economists, writers and psychologists. In Garden, as Federico Fellini, we believe that the visionary is the only true realist.
il Cartello il Cartello is a cultural and underground magazine. Born in 2014 with the aim to change the way culture is spread, it covers controversial topics directly and in an outspoken fashion. It is today a registered newspaper.
Videodrome Videodrome is media innovation. It delivers contents through the videoarticle format and abandons the old fashion concept of the home page. It approaches news in a pop way, able to capture the users’ attention and adaptive to their smartphones.
Talent, innovation, strategy and creativity.We create cross-media and cross-language communicative solutions. Ideas able to mix the power of the web with the effectiveness of the offline in order to maximize the goals of our customers.We do digital publishing, web marketing, video production and organization of events combining our skills transversally in order to tell stories that matter and stay.Our work is our passion.
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