Trattoria dell'oste
Trattoria dall’Oste is a fastly growing meat restaurants chain, that works on the culture of the meat. It follows step by step selection of the meat and also breeding, slaughter and other working process.

We started working with Trattoria dall’Oste’s Facebook page on September 2017 with 13650 followers and we realized two high-quality videos that triggered a behavioural change in the users of the page allowing us to filter the videolovers. This prepared the ground to launch, at the beginning of December 2017 a spot with rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni. The spot overtook 1M views and helped the page reaching 22000 followers by the end of December 2017.

1st step: Audience choice: steak, video production and Tuscany food lovers.
Difficulties: The brand had never released a creative video with a strong storytelling
  • 2 intriguing copies for the reference audience
  • Creation of 12 different audiences and following fine tuning leaving the budget on the best performing ones
2nd step:
Audience choice: steak, video production, Tuscany food, rugby and Martin Castrogiovanni’s lovers
Difficulties: Reaching more than 500k views with an established budget.
  • Creation of specific audience with data taken from those who had seen more than 50% of two previous videos
  • Choice of a copy with a cover image interesting for rugby and steak’s lovers: “Martin Castrogiovanni can do everything for a super steak…”
  • More than 1,5M views
  • More than 400k views reached by users’ sharing
  • Positive comments, without a CRM action
  • Completion rate: 25%
  • + 8000 followers on the page
il Cartello
Garden Garden is where cultural innovation and ideas grow. A fresh communication agency that speaks the language of the digital economy. Garden is composed by a heterogeneous team of artists, economists, writers and psychologists. In Garden, as Federico Fellini, we believe that the visionary is the only true realist.
il Cartello il Cartello is a cultural and underground magazine. Born in 2014 with the aim to change the way culture is spread, it covers controversial topics directly and in an outspoken fashion. It is today a registered newspaper.
Videodrome Videodrome is media innovation. It delivers contents through the videoarticle format and abandons the old fashion concept of the home page. It approaches news in a pop way, able to capture the users’ attention and adaptive to their smartphones.
Talent, innovation, strategy and creativity.We create cross-media and cross-language communicative solutions. Ideas able to mix the power of the web with the effectiveness of the offline in order to maximize the goals of our customers.We do digital publishing, web marketing, video production and organization of events combining our skills transversally in order to tell stories that matter and stay.Our work is our passion.
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